How to Rank your Website on the First page

The Best way to get organic free traffic and thousands of clicks every day without spending money on Ads and private channels, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the best way which will help to rank your website on Google & other search engines. The other way is SEM(Search Engine Marketing) where Ads are placed on search engines to get maximum clicks and traffic.

Ranking websites through SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is very important for marketers. By optimizing your web pages, including your blog posts, you make your website more accessible to people who use search engines to find the relevant product or services which are associated with your business.

Optimization through SEO will help you in ranking websites which can be achieved by the ON page & OFF page SEO technique.

  • The ON Page SEO mainly depends on keywords and content. Keywords play an important role in ranking websites on search engines, as keywords give the basic idea of website to which product or service is associated. And the content of the website is the backbone, as it reflects the whole moto and drives the user. The technical aspects which need to focus are Headline, Meta tags, distribution of keywords and Unique content. which is more focused on the intent of the product not on specific keywords.
  • The OFF Page SEO is mostly dependent on other websites and links. As the word OFF page itself means that back end of SEO, All backlinks and internal links come under OFF page SEO.
  • Every website has some pages which are linked to each other. The contact page is linked with the Home page, this is internal linking.
  • And Backlink is one of the most important parts while ranking any website on the search engine. As backlink means to link one website with another website. When a higher ranked website provides a link to another website, it passes faith as a website that is trustworthy. High-quality backlinks can help to improve a site's rating position and accessibility in search engine results.

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To rank websites, there are other different things that are important like Website content optimization, Mobile responsive display, Page load time, Broadcast content.

1. Website Content Optimization helps Googlebot to understand the content and indexing new content on google. Website Content is designed to be more user-friendly, informative and actionable. Content optimization boosts the performance of website help in ranking on multiple keywords or more relevant keywords.

2. Mobile responsive display is present-day demand as 40% of searches are from mobile devices that is why websites should be optimized according to multiple display sizes like tab, smartphones, PC and other screens. The Google algorithm also detects and samples websites on these parameters so that users must receive the best results.

3. Page load time is one of the key aspects when website data is heavy to load and display on the screen. The search engine faces difficulties while loading website data and this is one of the reasons that websites with very least loading time are ranked higher in Google searches.

4. Broadcast content is sharing your valuable content on social media platforms where website services and products are promoted and which increase website traffic. That drives more engagement and response from people who are interested in your product and services. Sharing content help is a brand building and creating awareness among local as well as global audiences.

Google ranking is very important for any business but ranking on google can be achieved more easily through various tools like Google search console, Google Analytics, Google My business, Tag Manager, Google Ads and there are many other tools to analyze the website performance and real-time growth. Google ranking is not stable but every time a website needs an update and to maintain the rank of website on the top of the search.